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Ultrasound / Color Doppler

4D ultrasound – volume-imaging produces a dynamic, real time look that virtually eliminates any questions about missed information. Its seeing things in ways you’ve never seen before with ultrasound. Finding the exact location of pathology and viewing it in relation to other anatomy. Knowing you have all the information you need for definitive answers. As much as the USG machine model DC-70 the man behind the USG machine model DC-70 is also important. Together For General Ultra Sound Pregnancy Ultra Sound, Swastika Diagnostics has transformed patient care using ultrasound in brand new ways.

The GE Voluson P8, mindray DC70 and DC 80 ultrasound system is designed to keep pace with busy practices and conducts a wide range of Health exams, from routine scanning to complex assessments.
High-volume practices require image quality and efficiency.
Excellent color Doppler sensitivity and sophisticated 3D/4D technologies.